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Question: Sperm in Precum?

Hi, a few semesters back I was in Dr. [So and So’s] courses at SFSU. You were my aide, I’m not sure whether you still do teacher’s aid stuff or not but I remember how knowledgeable you were about the topic of human sexuality and I have a longstanding question and debate I need answered by someone who know what they’re talking about. The question is: does men’s prejaculation contain sperm?  I know it comes from a different part and is not manufacutred in the same place but I’m wondering whether it is in fact produced with a sperm count. If you could help me at all that would be wonderful! Thanks

Yes, it *can*. Here is why.

Semen is made of two parts: seminal fluid and sperm. Most of seminal fluid originates from the seminal vesicles, followed by fluids from the prostate, bulbourethral (aka Cowper’s) glands and a teeny bit from the testes. A small amount of that fluid contains sperm, somewhere under 10%.

For sperm to survive the urethral journey it must travel in an alkaline instead of acidic environment. Enter the alkaline leaning precum.

Although precum is there to clear it out, and give a little lube love, residual sperm can reside on the tubes and exit with the fluid. One easy solution: pee. Urinating beforehand will kill the straggling sperm. Urinating after ejaculation will kill any straggling sperm. The lesson? Sperm in pre-ejactulate is possible but pee will kill it.  Pregancy from precum is not very probable, in my opinion.

For more fun info on semen, checkout this infographic.

Penis Pressure: Foreskin and Weenxiety

Jezebel posted the most adorably bizarre video of a penis doing its best Teletubbie impersonation. I immediately reposted onto my Facebook because, you know, sharing is caring. And I care enough to subject my friends to my strange sense of humor.

While I get that not everyone finds a penis playing peek-a-boo with its own foreskin as funny as I do I did not anticipate the response left by a male friend: Continue reading Penis Pressure: Foreskin and Weenxiety

Enhanced Penis Sex

Two of my friends are moving to Singapore for a year and I went to their going away party Friday night. I will be meeting up with them in Thailand next month and was chatting to strangers about my upcoming trip.

One woman told me about her friend’s trip there a few years ago.

“He had penis surgery. Like, he had implants put in.”

I was really skeptical. Surgeries to make penii bigger are often unsuccessful. “What, he had fat put in?”

“No, no, no. He had these metal balls put in underneath the skin.”

“What?!” I have never, ever, ever heard of this before other than as a surface piercing and the body often rejects those. I went home and scoured the internet to figure out if this was real. Continue reading Enhanced Penis Sex