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Sneak Peek: “The Devil and Shelley Lubben” [VIDEO]

I leave San Francisco tomorrow night to go debate this woman. The first two parts of  this documentary are definitely enlightening.

Part I

Part II

More to come, will post as they come in.


Irony of ironies, users within the Youtube community flagged these as pornographic. Here are some alternate links:

Part I

Part II


Penis Pressure: Foreskin and Weenxiety

Jezebel posted the most adorably bizarre video of a penis doing its best Teletubbie impersonation. I immediately reposted onto my Facebook because, you know, sharing is caring. And I care enough to subject my friends to my strange sense of humor.

While I get that not everyone finds a penis playing peek-a-boo with its own foreskin as funny as I do I did not anticipate the response left by a male friend: Continue reading Penis Pressure: Foreskin and Weenxiety

Sex Positivity Has Boundaries

As a sex educator I’ve often met people who think that sex positivity means that anything goes. I disagree. I’m all for non-judgmental sex information but that doesn’t mean I don’t find some forms of sexuality disturbing as hell.

The latest strange fetish to raise the hair on my neck? Masking or Femskins. This is related to the Real Doll fetish but with a sinister “Silence of the Lambs” twist on it: men cut the face and skin from the doll, wear it (or simply a female rubber mask) and often videotape themselves. CREEPY! Here are some visual examples. Continue reading Sex Positivity Has Boundaries