2 thoughts on “Press”

  1. The Sexademic blog has been nominated as Blog of the Year in the Erotic Awards. Please can we have your email address in order to send you the nomination letter.

    Good luck at the Cambridge debate. I helped to win the porn debate at Oxford but we failed to win the Sex Work debate at Cambridge.

    Dr Tuppy Owens (UK)
    Director of the Erotic Awards http://www.erotic-awards.co.uk

  2. Great site. I look forward to reading more of your posts, and following you on Twitter.

    I did notice 2 problems on this page… And, please feel free to delete this message after you read it. Or just delete from this paragraph downward…

    1. “The Good Vibrations Interview” link takes me to a screen that says “reported attack page” rather than the interview. Probably from my antivirus, but there must be some kind of problem to be fixed.

    2. “The Mills Positive Sex Fair” link was bad, but I found the correct link at

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