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[VIDEO] Condom Fit

Those of you who follow my Twitter feed (@thesexademic) may have seen that I spent last weekend shooting some sex advice shorts. I’m working on more post-production right now and  will be releasing one new video every week for the next month and a half.

Here’s a little video about why you should measure your johnson and sheath it accordingly…

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No Pleasure in the Ghetto

Social injustice is a hard wall to break (pic via yoostin.com)

This morning I woke up to a local housing project’s message about canceling a workshop on safer sex. The reason? No funding for outside presenters.

Welcome to the most frustrating injustice in sex education: information access and restricted conversations. Continue reading No Pleasure in the Ghetto

I Graduated. Thanks Condoms and Feminism.

“The fact is that women have been trapped. Reproduction is used, consciously or not, as a means to control women, to limit their options and to make them subordinate to men. In many societies a serious approach to reproductive health has to have this perspective in mind. We must seek to liberate women.”

Dr. Nafis Sadik
Executive Director, UN Population Fund

I graduated with a Master’s degree this year. My own intellect was the source of success, supported by insane dedication and amazing friends. But without condoms and feminism I could not have gone this far. Continue reading I Graduated. Thanks Condoms and Feminism.

A Pricey Private Alternative to Public Health Clinics

Logo Screengrab from STDTestExpress.com

Move over public health clinics, there’s a new testing site in town. Make that 1,800 private testing sites connected through one online service. STDTestExpress, an Analyte Media product, connects customers with confidential, fast testing services with doctor consults via phone. And if public health clinics freak you out, they offer a de-stressed testing experience by using a large national testing lab.

Their product is incredibly clever: Continue reading A Pricey Private Alternative to Public Health Clinics

Advice: Spermicide Allergy

Spermicidal Tendencies

Ms. Sexademic,

Someone I know is allergic to spermicidal condoms, but not normal latex condoms. That common? Thx (question via Twitter)

Well, allergy is one way to put it. A better way to put it would be vaginal sensitivity to bleach. Yes. Nonoxynol-9 (N-9), the active ingredient in spermicide, is a low grade bleach that we refer to as a “surfactant“. The World Health Organization frowns upon using condoms with N-9 lubricants due to their tissue compromising properties. In the spermicidal mayhem, N-9 also damages healthy tissue thus enabling transmission of all kinds of funky things. Like HIV. It’s like creating tiny entry wounds in your vadge/anus.

Just remember: Nonoxynol-9 starts with a NoNo. So only use it if STIs are not an issue and no-one feels the burn. Seriously, if it burns when you have sex, the likely culprit is the condom, lube or maybe that poison ivy patch you picked as a fuck-nest.

-The Sexademic

Skin Reactions to Latex

No, not semen. Sap from the Hevea Brasiliensis (Rubber Tree)

In response to Condom Use and Sexual Performance, reader Maeve asked:

“Why does that happen? Is it different if you use other materials (polyurethane, etc)?”

Good question. I’ve always wondered about this but never seen a condom-specific answer. I set about on the interwebs to figure out which latex properties deplete natural sexual lubrication.

The answer may lie in the general latex allergy. There is minimal information about latex allergies and sex but I checked out latex allergy info on WebMD and Mayo Clinic. Latex is derived from rubber tree sap and certain proteins in the milky, semen-looking fluid cause dermal irritations. Basically, the sap can irritate skin.

But most people don’t have an actual *allergy* to latex. (Latex reaction image search here, kinda ick but SFW). So why does latex dry out your sexual secretions?

I see a few different factors at work here. Continue reading Skin Reactions to Latex

Better Sex in 2010

Someone, somewhere is turned on by this picture.

I raise my mimosa this morning to bid adieu to 2009, the worst year ever. The world seems at its lowest right now, so things can only get better. Right?

Many of my friends mark 2009 as a learning year. I sure as hell hope so. If we as individuals, cities, nations, cultures and subcultures stroll into 2010 padded with willful ignorance and blind to the lessons of the last decade, there is no hope for anyone.

But I’m an optimistic cynic. Here are my hopes for the world of sex in 2010. Continue reading Better Sex in 2010

Condom Use and Sexual Performance

The Condom and Lube Dance: It's a Good Thing

My roommate breezed through the living room the other night, freshly showered and heady with man-scent, stopping short at my desk. I looked up.

“So,” he asked, “as a- a professional sex educator, do you…uh, do you get free condoms? Condoms that you might have lying around?”

His cologne made sudden sense. I guessed his current lady friend was in town and smiled. “Yeah. I’ll go find some. What size?” He stared at me. I laughed and he finally responded with his hands spaced apart.

After a few moments rummaging around in my various sex supply drawers I put together a little safe sex bag for him. I pointed out the different condoms as well as the packets of lube samples. “Lube is very important when you use condoms. Use it on the inside as well as the outside.”

He eyed the sample packs. “Well, not if you keep things wet enough on your own.”

[Cue internal sex educator alarm] “No! Latex messes with natural lubrication so over time the friction can become irritating as hell. Haven’t you ever noticed that with condoms woman becomes less wet as time goes on?”

He thought about it for a moment. “Oh. I never realized that.”

Few people do. Continue reading Condom Use and Sexual Performance