Advice: Spermicide Allergy

Spermicidal Tendencies

Ms. Sexademic,

Someone I know is allergic to spermicidal condoms, but not normal latex condoms. That common? Thx (question via Twitter)

Well, allergy is one way to put it. A better way to put it would be vaginal sensitivity to bleach. Yes. Nonoxynol-9 (N-9), the active ingredient in spermicide, is a low grade bleach that we refer to as a “surfactant“. The World Health Organization frowns upon using condoms with N-9 lubricants due to their tissue compromising properties. In the spermicidal mayhem, N-9 also damages healthy tissue thus enabling transmission of all kinds of funky things. Like HIV. It’s like creating tiny entry wounds in your vadge/anus.

Just remember: Nonoxynol-9 starts with a NoNo. So only use it if STIs are not an issue and no-one feels the burn. Seriously, if it burns when you have sex, the likely culprit is the condom, lube or maybe that poison ivy patch you picked as a fuck-nest.

-The Sexademic

2 thoughts on “Advice: Spermicide Allergy”

  1. Thank you! I worked at a store and we didn’t carry any spermicidal products. But it’s taught in sex ed, and even most gynos don’t know how bad it can be.

    It can also break down cell walls, making it more difficult to get pregnant when you actually want to. Plus, that whole “not any more effective than using a condom properly” thing.

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