Better Sex in 2010

Someone, somewhere is turned on by this picture.

I raise my mimosa this morning to bid adieu to 2009, the worst year ever. The world seems at its lowest right now, so things can only get better. Right?

Many of my friends mark 2009 as a learning year. I sure as hell hope so. If we as individuals, cities, nations, cultures and subcultures stroll into 2010 padded with willful ignorance and blind to the lessons of the last decade, there is no hope for anyone.

But I’m an optimistic cynic. Here are my hopes for the world of sex in 2010.

1.No more abstinence only funding. We know the programs fail on many levels and push a religious agenda because CBAE organizations are usually “faith-based”. Millions of your tax dollars go towards educational programs that tell teens sex will kill them.

And you wonder why so many adults feel so anxious about sex.

2. Better condom commercials in the U.S. Trojan’s Evolve ad campaign is a step in the right direction. Still, they rely on shame (No condoms? You pig!) to encourage condom use and reinforce negative gender stereotypes.

Durex is fantastic! Their condom ads always crack me up. Here is their viral “Condom Sutra” ad.

I heart this African condom ad! They manage to push the safer sex message and demonstrate how to put on a condom. (Though the “add lube” step is missing.)

This ad from Eastern Europe is one of my personal favorites. Precocious little tyke.

And, finally, the commercial Europe voted as “Best Condom Ad”

Trojan, take note. You can sell your condoms, reference sex directly and make people laugh all at once.

3. Better STI picture for sex education. I wrote a post about this last week titled “STI Photos of DOOM.” The post is filled with graphic pictures of STIs so consider yourself warned.

4.No more substituting the word “sex” for “orgasm” when reporting research. Every time I see an article about the health benefits of sex I cringe. If you read between the lines you’ll see they’re not always talking about sex with another person. Orgasms have independent health benefits. There is a big difference. You can have an orgasm alone or with others. So, yeah. ORGASM ≠SEX.

5. More straight guys in sexuality studies/ sex education. Women and queers dominate the sexuality studies field. We often sit around and discuss the pitfalls of patriarchy or heteronormativity. I want straight men in on these academic conversations because it feels like a man-bashing session sometimes. We really, really need more straight men’s voices in sexuality education.

6. More sex for me. What? I teach, write and talk about sex all the time to enhance others’ sex lives. Not much time for myself at the end of the day. (You think the tagline “Sexademics Do It Theoretically” is facetious?) I deserve to have this as one of my hopes for 2010. Calling all cute, young butch manwhores! You’ve been bad. Go to my room so I can teach you a lesson.

Have fun tonight, wherever you are! Be safe and overdo it as much as you like!

3 thoughts on “Better Sex in 2010”

  1. I hope you have a awesome 2010. It’s nice to start the year finding a great resource for education and learning on sex. I have came across the same problem as you as to finding studies involving men or even resources. I see many resources about women, but not much for men. I think as sex used to be a closed topic for women as it got open women wanted to learn more and are able to talk openly about it and have generated lot’s of resources for them. While men have been left behind in the discussion. I as a man want to learn in order to improve my sex life and my partner’s experience too. I look forward to learning more.

  2. How about a birth control pill for men that makes them moody, lowers their sex drive, and causes weight gain? 🙂

    Lucky for me, my man is getting a vasectomy next month, so no more hormone birth control for me, HOORAY!

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