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From Bachelor to Master: Writing Samples

My thesis is done. I spent two years designing, conducting and analyzing my research project before writing about 10 drafts.

It will be another month until my thesis is in the library and ready for the public. Unless you read my blog. I’m posting my final thesis here for enjoyment, discussion and critique.

I Say, They Say, We Say: Sexual Lexicon Commonalities and Dissimilarities

My program was not easy. Even with the tight admissions (15%) acceptance rate, 3 people dropped the program in the first year. But I stuck to my guns and pushed my way to the finish line.

For comparison’s sake, here is a paper I wrote as a first year on female sexual identity development.

Dangerous Desires and Safe Spaces

Enjoy! I’m taking a little break from writing for a couple of weeks but The Sexademic will be up and running again in June. See you then!

ETA: A couple of people pointed out the ugly PDF watermarks so I put up some watermark-free versions instead. I kicked a little at first but these are easier to read.

Dialing it Back

image via financetechnews.com

I have exactly two months to analyze my data and write my thesis. I love writing here but this is time consuming and distracting to do 5 days a week.

So until the end of May I will be posting articles and links on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. After that I’ll be back full-steam!

Thank you! A hefty article I’ve been researching this morning will be posted tomorrow, I promise.

My Thesis: Participate!


I am currently collecting data for my graduate thesis, a research project about sexualized situations, gender and words. You will watch a short video clip, tag it and may write a written response. Full survey completion will take between 5-25 1-5 minutes of your time. Please visit the website below for full information and details:


Thank you so much,
Jessica Fischer
MA Candidate in Sexuality Studies
San Francisco State University