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Question: Sperm in Precum?

Hi, a few semesters back I was in Dr. [So and So’s] courses at SFSU. You were my aide, I’m not sure whether you still do teacher’s aid stuff or not but I remember how knowledgeable you were about the topic of human sexuality and I have a longstanding question and debate I need answered by someone who know what they’re talking about. The question is: does men’s prejaculation contain sperm?  I know it comes from a different part and is not manufacutred in the same place but I’m wondering whether it is in fact produced with a sperm count. If you could help me at all that would be wonderful! Thanks

Yes, it *can*. Here is why.

Semen is made of two parts: seminal fluid and sperm. Most of seminal fluid originates from the seminal vesicles, followed by fluids from the prostate, bulbourethral (aka Cowper’s) glands and a teeny bit from the testes. A small amount of that fluid contains sperm, somewhere under 10%.

For sperm to survive the urethral journey it must travel in an alkaline instead of acidic environment. Enter the alkaline leaning precum.

Although precum is there to clear it out, and give a little lube love, residual sperm can reside on the tubes and exit with the fluid. One easy solution: pee. Urinating beforehand will kill the straggling sperm. Urinating after ejaculation will kill any straggling sperm. The lesson? Sperm in pre-ejactulate is possible but pee will kill it.  Pregancy from precum is not very probable, in my opinion.

For more fun info on semen, checkout this infographic.

Advice: Masturbating all the Time

Curious, is there any evidence that masturbating All the time is bad/harmful? (question via Twitter)

My, this is a curious question. I’ll try to answer it in as many ways possible. Above all else, masturbation itself is not harmful. You will not go insane, grow hairy palms or develop out-of-control acne. Our collective anxiousness over masturbation is borne from years of anti-masturbation rhetoric intended to push people towards more reproductive sex acts. Like rape and incest.

Many people express anxiety over masturbation frequency. Am I doing it too much? How much is too much? If your life is impacted negatively by your masturbatory habits then you masturbate too much. If you cannot control your impulses and tend to stick you hand down your pants like a 5 year old at a dinner party then you masturbate too much. Other than that, even if you are squeezing one off at work, who cares? As long as you clean up after yourself, don’t get caught on camera and remember the cover sheet on the TPS report you’re golden.

The one possible physical effect of “over-masturbating” would be calloused genitals. This can be avoided by one of my favorite things: LUBE. All you have to do is cut down on skin to skin friction and no callous will form. One very misinformed, young, unqualified professor of mine tried to claim this could happen with vibrators. I wanted to throw a book at him. Friction develops callused body parts, not vibrations.

I have heard one rumor, rather unsubstantiated but ubiquitous:

I heard it from Can you confirm the veracity of their claims? Hit me up.

Advice: Spermicide Allergy

Spermicidal Tendencies

Ms. Sexademic,

Someone I know is allergic to spermicidal condoms, but not normal latex condoms. That common? Thx (question via Twitter)

Well, allergy is one way to put it. A better way to put it would be vaginal sensitivity to bleach. Yes. Nonoxynol-9 (N-9), the active ingredient in spermicide, is a low grade bleach that we refer to as a “surfactant“. The World Health Organization frowns upon using condoms with N-9 lubricants due to their tissue compromising properties. In the spermicidal mayhem, N-9 also damages healthy tissue thus enabling transmission of all kinds of funky things. Like HIV. It’s like creating tiny entry wounds in your vadge/anus.

Just remember: Nonoxynol-9 starts with a NoNo. So only use it if STIs are not an issue and no-one feels the burn. Seriously, if it burns when you have sex, the likely culprit is the condom, lube or maybe that poison ivy patch you picked as a fuck-nest.

-The Sexademic