About The Sexademic

Jessi Fischer aka The Sexademic

Jessi Fischer is a writer, academic dilettante, public speaker, and sex educator for universities, high schools and outreach organizations. She is the proud 2009 Jim Brogan Teaching Scholarship recipient, the runner up for the 2008 John W. Kinch Humanitarian Award and a fund raising organizer for San Francisco Sex Information. Her educational background is a blend of academic theory, sexual biology, research training, cultural analysis, product knowledge, and sex education for the general population. She has completed over 120 hours of sex education training and holds a Master of Arts in Sexuality Studies from San Francisco State University.

12 thoughts on “About The Sexademic”

  1. Great blog! Thanx for bringing into discussion such controversial topics. Inspiring!
    Cheers from your brand-new subscriber!

  2. Seems you make a living by saying everything folks want to hear about sex. Absolution at best for you and your readers, I’d say.

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