Image: Scoop on Semen

I’m giving a lecture on Endocrinology today for a graduate seminar so instead of words, here’s an awesome diagram about semen. It’s worth at least 1000 words. Possibly more. (The Etoro people listed on the bottom of the graphic are the Sambia people studied by Gil Herdt, the founder of my department. Small world.)

The Scoop on Semen
Via: Online Schools

6 thoughts on “Image: Scoop on Semen”

  1. Just to add to semen fun facts: [since I’m odor research] the primary semen odor is 1-pyrroline. My nose detects this regularly in raw water sources. You can also smell it on elderberry or bradford pear trees…

  2. I love it!! Fascinating to see that sperm only makes up 10% of the teaspoon of semen. My man just had a vasectomy, and we’ve been watching for any changes. Seems to be the same amount, healthy projectile, and tastes sweet!

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