Penis Pressure: Foreskin and Weenxiety

Jezebel posted the most adorably bizarre video of a penis doing its best Teletubbie impersonation. I immediately reposted onto my Facebook because, you know, sharing is caring. And I care enough to subject my friends to my strange sense of humor.

While I get that not everyone finds a penis playing peek-a-boo with its own foreskin as funny as I do I did not anticipate the response left by a male friend:

Surgically altering babies should be outlawed. That is an adult decision. Otherwise it’s mutilation. Period.

The issue of circumcision is always one I avoid. I do not have a penis and will not have children so I get to steer clear of this hot-button sexual values issue. But, as I repeatedly read his comment, I realized what was bothering me about it: I prefer a foreskin-free penis.

Typing that sentence makes me wince. Who am I to have a preference for cut cock? Is it shallow? Destructive to men? I try to rationalize my desire via the freedom of personal choice.

Then I realize that this choice is not as personal as I would like to believe. I live in a culture that regularly circumcises boy babies. Nearly every penis I have seen up close has been sans-foreskin. The penis in its given state looks as alien to me as the unmodified female form looks to so many guys raised in a Maxim world.

My only truly personal reason for this preference is sex. I like the way the bare glans feels going inside and that first moment of penetration is AMAZING. I had one uncircumcised boyfriend and I really disliked how squishy his foreskin felt. (That the sex was abysmal already did not help.)

so why do I so love the sight of a circumcised penis? William Street from the movie Chameleon Street said it best:

I’m a victim brother. I’m a victim of 400 years of conditioning. The man has programmed my conditioning. Even my conditioning has been conditioned!

Several male lovers/boyfriends have made bitter remarks about their circumcision. There is no going back, no way to know what it would be like if that little peice of skin had been left alone. They must feel helpless, a taboo emotion for men.

Everyone experiences, at some point, a sense of anxiety about their genitals. Females can willfully ignore what sits between their legs while intersex individuals often silently sit with horrific anxieties. Men are constantly in contact with their own junk and exist in a culture of open cock dialogue. Whether big, small, crooked, cut or foreskin adorned, most men experience some level of what I call weenxiety.

A student once asked me, “Sometimes I see pictures of girls, uh, genitals and some of them weird me out. What if- what if a girl I like thinks that about mine?”This is a perfect example of weenxiety. Does it look right? Is it normal? Is my manstick manly enough?

This isn’t limited to guys lacking pornstar level dicks. My most well-endowed ex was obsessed with proving himself through sex. He had to be the best, his dick had to be the biggest most perfect thing ever. He clung to his big dick like a rescue raft in the stormy social ocean.

To a certain extent, I think guys measure themselves with their weens. During a discussion with teens about relationships and attraction one young man said, “But girls are different! There’s only one thing they look for with us.”

“What?,” I asked.  He simply pointed to his crotch.

9 thoughts on “Penis Pressure: Foreskin and Weenxiety”

  1. First, I absolutely loved the video. When preconceived notions about an object’s connotation are wholly subverted I become giddy…this was no exception.

    As far as the topic at hand, a monofilament touch-test mapping study found that the foreskin contains the most sensitive parts of the penis; they also noted that “the glans of the circumcised penis is less sensitive to fine-touch than the glans of the uncircumcised penis.” (Sorrells et al., 2007)

    As far as the social stigma attached, people in the age range you work with will *always* find something to stigmatize. The anxiety is a given, the outlet a variable.

  2. I used to be neutral on this issue until three things happened:

    1) I witnessed several circumcisions. They are brutal, sloppy procedures which are extremely painful and traumatic to the baby. Most leave men with significant scar tissue, a common cause of excessive penis curvature. As a healthcare professional, I can’t make sense of the fact that we routinely perform what amounts to a cosmetic procedure – with a host of potentially serious complications – on a very vulnerable patient population. It’s just not justified clinically.

    2) I got an uncircumcised partner and learned the joy of uncut lovin’. So many more potential blowjob moves! So much more sensitivity! Hand jobs without lube! I love sucking with the foreskin and rolling it between my lips, and if you want the sensation of penetration with the glans, just retract the foreskin before he enters you. Bottom line is that there are far more options with an uncut cock than without… more fun for everyone!

    3) I read this study:
    Why, why, WHY would anyone choose to have an extremely sensitive and erogenous part of their anatomy removed (phimosis and other medical problems excluded)? I’d hazard that most wouldn’t, yet we routinely make this choice for our children and deprive them the full range of sexual sensation.

    As for the conditioning, I wouldn’t blame anyone for having a preference either way – it took me a while to get used to the hood, I admit. But the circumcision rate has dropped dramatically (down to just above 50%, by some estimates), so the next generation will likely be much more comfortable with an intact penis than ours. More uncut cocks in porn would be a big help, too.

    And finally (then I promise to end this rant and go back to lurking), my answer to those who argue for circumcision to lower the risk of STD transmission? Why stop with the foreskin: you can lower risks even more by cutting off the penis entirely!

  3. The video is very funny. As for circumcision, what’s the big deal? One thing is that it cuts down the transmission of AIDS. Lower it more by cutting it off? That doesn’t make a lot of sense. Ultimately it’s the guy and the passion/heart/etc. behind the penis that is what’s copacetic.

    Interesting blog.

  4. “I prefer a foreskin-free penis”

    hm, it now seems that you do not know that much about sex as you think you do…personal preferences change and having one young and unexperienced intact boy is not enough to were doing a thesis right? anyways, circumcision when there is no medical necessity to it is just plain mutilation.


  5. Check out the first episode of the fifth season of Penn and Teller’s Bull Shit! Apparently this is some kind of stretch therapy that can regrow a surrogate foreskin. Rather interesting really.

  6. “Apparently this is some kind of stretch therapy that can regrow a surrogate foreskin.”

    It’s a facsimile of a foreskin. It has some of the same function, but the nerve-endings and specialized structures are lost. It is in no way a full restoration. Similar to how other body parts can be “reconstructed” if they are lost in accidents. Facsimile.

    I am not saying this to dissuade anyone from “restoring”, but simply to emphasize that circumcision is not fully reversible. The existence of “foreskin restoration” is not an argument in favor of involuntary circumcision.

    I realize this post is old, but in case you are still on the fence about the issue, I will simply point out that if you believe “her body, her choice”, then surely you should believe “his body, his choice” as well.

    I feel extremely violated by circumcision. It was my body. No one had the right to remove part of it without my consent and without (reasonably) immediate medical need. I want my foreskin back, but that is impossible. “Helpless” is right. I have never felt so profoundly and painfully helpless about anything else in my life.

    “I prefer a foreskin-free penis.”

    That’s great. That’s fine. But it is no more okay to involuntarily modify a man’s body to please women than it is to involuntarily modify a woman’s body to please men. You are free to seek out circumcised men. But if you remain complicit in involuntary genital modification because of that preference… well… I find it hard to respect that.

    But having said that, I do love your blog. Just recently stumbled across it. Good stuff. I do have a lot of respect for you.

  7. You know, it’s weird. Because I’m from a land of foreskin-clad penis. The one I’m most familiar with (my own) “grows out” of it’s armor when needed.
    You know someone once said you have to try something a few times in order to like it… Just joking…

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