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Sex Addiction and the Rhetoric of Normal Sexuality

Originally posted to NSRC’s Dialogues on 10/21/09.

Is there such a thing as a sex addict? In a culture of plenty we tend to pathologize our access to excess and any pleasure seeking behavior can be an addiction. Shopping addiction, gambling addiction, food addiction: all seemingly innocuous behaviors that can be considered an addiction if taken beyond the blurred line of social acceptability.

Addiction is real. I have seen loved ones battle with drug addictions all the way to their graves. The successful ones went through hell while their bodies went through the painful process of adapting to a drug-free state. It seems disrespectful to the severity of addiction to lump compulsive pleasure-seeking activity into the same category. Continue reading Sex Addiction and the Rhetoric of Normal Sexuality

Indirect Sex Partners = Disguised Slut Shaming

A pharmacy in London launched a calculator that uses the six degrees of separation concept to determine your number of indirect sex partners. The idea is that every time you sleep with one person you sleep with all of their previous sex partners. I get the idea but the execution is a low-grade scare tactic rooted in false assumptions about sexual risk.

What does indirectly sleeping with people even mean? Continue reading Indirect Sex Partners = Disguised Slut Shaming