5 thoughts on “Sexademic audio excerpt from the Pat Kenny show”

  1. First of all, thank you Jessie. You continue to fight the good fight but it is an uphill battle. With your patience, some comments:

    Pat: Trish Murphy is a psycho-therapist specializing in sexual intimacy.

    Trish: I’m not particularly interested in challenging figures, I’m just talking about what I’m seeing happening.

    60s: Playboy magazine. 70s: Video tapes. 80s & 90s: CDs then DVDs. Now the Internet. But Jessie mentions the zipper, yes the zipper as an example of sky-is-falling reaction to anything new.

    I’m sorry, is there something specious in the argumentation? Trish Murphy says that an eleven year old has nobody to talk to, here about sexual things found on the Internet. Towards the end of the show she says children should talk with their parents. I don’t understand. Or Is it just me?

    Trish Murphy deals with people who have problems. She doesn’t seem to deal with people who do not have problems. She suggests, even if it’s indirect, that pornography should be banned. She doesn’t seem to address the issue of children not speaking with their parents about sex or being educated at school about sex. Even if you remove pornography, you still have not addressed the issue of sexual education. Are children supposed to figure it out for themselves?

    Pro-lifers say that we should ban abortion. They then say we should ban condoms and sex education. The rate of abortions go up then even pro-lifers realize their policies are not achieving what they want: stop abortions. Why? People are still having sex.

    Alcoholism is a problem. However, according to the WHO, less than 4% of those who drink demonstrate a problem with alcohol. Do we bring back prohibition?

    I don’t deny that statistically some people may have a problem with pornography or sexual addiction but is the way of dealing with it to enact prohibition?

    Trish: I’m not particularly interested in challenging figures, I’m just talking about what I’m seeing happening.

    How can we properly address an issue if misinformation prevents us from properly assessing the issue?

    Pornography: An Investigation

  2. Child pornography appears to be a closed world with men forming private networks to exchange images. I have been on the internet when it consisted of BBS’s and nothing else. I search out the internet for adult material but not once have I been referred to a child porn site. I have never seen child porn. Are thesesites easy to find? What are the chances of a child finding such a site using common search engines?

  3. Glad to see you back jessi. How dare these people! i agree with belle. I am a modern man and if you want me to change something in my life style, you had better have “scientific results”. “In her experience”? She calls herself a theripist? yes we all have a certian amount of personal bias, but as a one who deals with people who need help you had better learn how to deal with your own personal demons before trying to diagnosis mine. ……………Maby you should just senf in an apprentist jessi to do things like this instead of wasting yourtime. Your to important to fiddle with “flat earthers” like this.

  4. Sam, I think your attack on Trish Murphy is unfair. In the end we have to orient ourselves by our own experience. I profoundly disagree that personal experience should be discounted. I agree that this is not the whole story – but I don’t think Trish Murphy was claiming that.

    And actually the interesting thing to me is that by the end of the discussion Trish Murphy’s position was not so far from Jessi’s. To be clear here – I’m on Jessi’s side in this argument, but this shows that constructive discussion is possible if you treat reasonable opponents with respect and actually talk!

  5. Well spoken. I found it amazing how quickly and far she was switching the goal posts. The host seemed rather biased towards her as well. I hope the debate itself will be posted here

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