Sneak Peek: “The Devil and Shelley Lubben” [VIDEO]

I leave San Francisco tomorrow night to go debate this woman. The first two parts of  this documentary are definitely enlightening.

Part I

Part II

More to come, will post as they come in.


Irony of ironies, users within the Youtube community flagged these as pornographic. Here are some alternate links:

Part I

Part II


11 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: “The Devil and Shelley Lubben” [VIDEO]”

  1. Amat victoria curam, Jessi.

    And thank you for posting these. Lydia and I –and everyone who donated their time to create this project — appreciate it very much.

  2. I feel sorry for the poor moderator who will have to try and keep SL on track.

    While it is said that no plan survives contact with the enemy, I think this debate will be a nice, slow, pitch right over the plate for you. 🙂 Knock the leather off of the ball!

  3. On the one hand, you have to be sympathetic, and fight against anybody that is forced into prostitution and doing porn.

    On the other hand, you don’t ban the entire clothing industry, just because a minority uses child labour.

    In other words, clean up the industry. Regulate it, tax it, celebrate it.

  4. I’m clearly coming a little late here, but let me both thank you Jessi for tackling Ms Lubben, and for making the result available here.

  5. Sooner or later you’ll be singing the same song as “Shelly Lubben”. Don’t worry you will find another profitable business (you and the ladies).

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