Interview with Peoplegogy

Check out my in-depth interview for Peoplegogy right here.


Will: How would you describe your teaching or sexuality philosophy? What do you specialize in? Who is your target audience?

Jessi: My sexuality philosophy is essentially: your sexuality doesn’t need to fit into whatever tiny box you’re being sold. Sex has the potential to be so wonderful and pleasurable but the restrictive ideas and moralizing create a shameful environment. So instead of communication and acceptance we end up steeped in predation, disappointing sexual encounters and overwhelming anxiety. I base my information and advice on scientific evidence that illuminates the sheer diversity of sexuality while presenting complicated information succinctly.

3 thoughts on “Interview with Peoplegogy”

  1. Thanks! I am working on a few projects right now, but the one I’m most excited about it is a sex ed puppet show with novelty songs, which may or may not be on Youtube. We need to hammer out the best distribution method.

    Sample Lyric:

    “I’m the vulva, the part you can see/ there’s a vagina, deep inside of me”

    Aside from that, I am talking with a local book printer about a sex question book, working on content development for a sex information and advice website and in talks with a security organization about helping them expand training to include dealing with sexual issues at large-scale events.

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