Support Men this Father’s Day

Men's Organizations Hit a Dead End on Google

In honor of this Father’s Day (Sunday, June 20th) I’ve compiled a list of resources for men. Show your support for men by donating to one of these non-profits or by sending this resource list to a man in your life.

Favorite Organizations:

National Organization for Men Against Sexism: Great website advocating gender equality and focusing on issues of male gender.

National Coalition For Men: Organization dedicated to education about male gender norms.

Fathers and Husbands: Focuses on improving men’s role in the family.

National Organization for Restoring Men: Resource for men concerned with circumcision, regardless of current physical state.

For even more links and resources, check out these two pages:

The Men’s Center Resource List: Excellent list of resource broken down by category.

MenStuff List of Men’s Centers, Councils and Counseling Centers: Resources for local men’s groups and organizations. The rest of the website has really good info for men ranging from relationships and sexuality to custody and legal issues.

Happy Father’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Support Men this Father’s Day”

  1. I’m with you on being against sexism in all guises, but watch out—NOMAS, one of the groups you linked you, has this:

    “12 Steps Men Can Take to End Sexism []

    … 12. Oppose pornography and the sex industry.”

    I don’t think that’s a message you want to endorse. Maybe I’m wrong.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I had a hard time finding those four websites among the ideological messes of many men’s organizations and I’m sad to see the 1980s Dworkin approach to ending sexism.

      Paying for or filming sex is not endemic to sexism. Any misogynistic porn or mistreatment of sex workers is a reflection of a sexist culture that disrespects female sexuality. So, don’t blame that car for running over the dog; blame the driver.

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