Teen Sex Ed Panel Tonight in SF

Tonight at 7pm I will be talking about my work on sex education with high school youth. Full info and tickets here, snip below.

Presenters : A panel of presenters including Planned Parenthood, Kaiser, and a high school health teacher
Date : Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Time : 7:00PM – 8:30PM
Venue : Sandbox Suites (123 10th Street, SF 94103)

Class Description

Many teens learn about sex from their peers or in school before they ever talk with their parents. It can be difficult to know where to start the conversation and what’s the most important information to include. We’ve gathered a panel of professionals to discuss how they teach teens about sex. We’ll hear about different approaches used by Planned Parenthood, Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre Program, and a high school teacher. Come join us for a discussion of what’s working and how we can better meet the sex ed needs of teens today.

Even if you don’t have kids I encourage you to come and learn about different approaches to sex ed. We all have a stake in youth. They are our future. Even if you don’t reproduce you should be informed about/talk with the younger generations. They’re often smarter and more observant than the insane adults telling them what to do. Here’s a clip from a teen commenting on the Advocate about the young lesbian sent to a fake prom in Mississippi:

My Name is Austin. I’m 15. I myself have dealt with hate for some time. Its sad to me that the majority of you all are only increasing the amount of hate in our world. Most of you are no better than teenagers. Callings names, pointing blame, fighting. It’s childish. Fact of the matter is, Constance was not treated fairly. Point blank. No arguments. You can’t debate that one. But the problem won’t be fixed by a bunch of adults fighting online. Fighting fire with fire only creates a bigger fire. Someone stand up and be the bigger person, the bigger community. If you’re going to call someone crude, vicious names, you can’t expect them to do any different. Please, for the future, lets not act like children. My love goes out to Constance and the countless others facing hate.

Preach it, Austin.

2 thoughts on “Teen Sex Ed Panel Tonight in SF”

  1. If it was, I will be sure to link it! (And if it was…you’re in for some laughs. Nothing like a penis drawing projected onto a screen for some chuckles.)

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