More Survey Fun!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in my thesis! 700 responses in a little over 3 weeks. Not bad for a lowly grad student. My data collection is closed now and I will spend the next couple of weeks rolling around in the data like a kitten in fresh catnip. Meow.

In the meantime, sex ed colleague and all around force of nature Heather Corinna is collecting data on experiences with and attitudes towards non-casual/casual sex. The survey has a little under 100 questions, mostly multiple choice. I took it yesterday and found the questions fascinating. Important work going on here.

Take the Survey!

One thought on “More Survey Fun!”

  1. I took the survey. WOW it was long. So funny how all these surveys assume sex partners are in the double digits. This one just said, “more than 50” but another survey I took only allowed for 2 digits. I had to enter 99. As if!

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