Last Days of Thesis Data

As much as I would love to let the responses keep rolling in, I have to shut my data collection down in order to analyze it, write about it and graduate in May. (OMG, a little over 2 months. Uh, party?)

If you haven’t already submitted your responses, go here, do so now:

Takes less than five minutes, completely SFW, turn your sound on! Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Last Days of Thesis Data”

  1. Sorry, if you won’t accept submissions w/o zip, I’ll decline.

    > Researchers have known for more than a decade that gender plus ZIP code plus birthdate
    > uniquely identifies a significant percentage of Americans (87% according to Latanya Sweeney’s
    > famous study.)


    I’m a 50+ queer male in a committed OS relationship; I thought I might have data you’d be interested in. But I can’t stand automated surveys that won’t let you skip questions. Yeah, I could lie, but why?

    1. I understand and this is part of the reason I decided not to go into research. Requiring a zip code was part of my protocol in order to obtain university approval. You should go take Heather Corrina’s survey instead! No zippy required:

      Thank you for your interest though, I’m sorry you couldn’t take it. To anyone worried about being identified, all answers were confidential and I am deleting all the IP addresses from my data logs right now.

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