My Thesis: Participate!


I am currently collecting data for my graduate thesis, a research project about sexualized situations, gender and words. You will watch a short video clip, tag it and may write a written response. Full survey completion will take between 5-25 1-5 minutes of your time. Please visit the website below for full information and details:

Thank you so much,
Jessica Fischer
MA Candidate in Sexuality Studies
San Francisco State University

7 thoughts on “My Thesis: Participate!”

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I read your blog regularly and it’s great, thank-you. I’m interested in participating in your study to help you with your graduate thesis, however I live in Canada. Am I ineligible or is there something else that I should put in as the Zip Code so it doesn’t decline me. Thanks!

  2. Unfortunately, the study is only open to participants in the United States. If you really want to help please send the link on to anyone you know living in the United States!

    Thanks for asking, glad you’re enjoying my blog.

  3. Bubbles: we’ve had a few issues with embedding. Could you please let me know your operating system (eg. Vista, OSX) and your browser (eg., Firefox, Safari)? Hopefully some code jammin’ can fix it.

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