Question: Precum and Vaginal Wetness

Dental hygiene will never feel clean again.

Is precum in guys like vaginal wetness in girls? Is it a similar process? (-question asked during a sex ed talk.)

No. Vaginal wetness comes internally from transudation (water content in plasma pushes past cell walls when blood vessels/capillaries become engorged) and externally from the Bartholin’s (greater vestibular) glands. Lubrication  is part of the arousal process in females and can vary greatly due to a long list of factors.

Precum, on the other hand, occurs for a very different reason: to prep the urethra for safe sperm transportation. Urine and semen both pass through the urethra in males. Because urine is acidic enough to kill sperm, males secrete a small amount of fluid prior to ejaculation to create a more alkaline environment.

Be aware: precum still contains enough sperm to impregnante someone.

2 thoughts on “Question: Precum and Vaginal Wetness”

  1. I’m in my mid 40s and have been sexually abstinent for a few years now. I noticed that periodically (out of the blue) I produce a lot of lube very suddenly! (It’s a gusher, dude!)
    Question: is this some sort of equivalent to nocturnal emissions in men? Are my glands flushing themselves out to keep everything functioning properly?

    1. Assuming the lube is a clear-ish, watery secretion you could be experiencing a surge in hormones(specifically oestradiol) or experiencing spontaneous arousal throughout the day that could collect and seep out of the opening when you shift your body. The cervix does produce lubricant to move bacteria down the vagina and outward as well. As far as the comparison to nocturnal emissions: completely possible. (Note my previous comment about spontaneous sexual arousal.)

      I wouldn’t worry unless the liquid seeping out is thick, yellow/white/brown/green and accompanied by unpleasant odors and sensations. This would be indicative of a vaginal infection, but that doesn’t sound at all like what you’re describing.

      If this seems to be happening suddenly and you want to get to the root of it, take stock of any medications, change in diet, stress levels or physical activity over the past 6 months to pinpoint what might have set this new hyper-lubing.

      The bottom line: this is nothing I would worry about as many women experience spontaneous lubrication like you’re describing, for a variety of reasons.

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