Linkage: Fleshmap

Digital Sex Mosaic

Oh. My. Yes. My friend Horvath turned me  on to this amazing new website called Fleshmap, a visual sexual data representation project done by Fernanda Viégas and Mark Wattenberg with Dolores Labs. I have an academic boner for slick data visualization and this site is making me dizzy. In a good way.

The site comes (heh) in three flavors: Touch, Look and Listen.

Listen: Body part mention frequency by genre of music.

Hip Hop. Notice: The Booty.

The Hip-Hop graphic is my favorite. Every other genre leads with eyes and hands, but not hip-hop. Ass is mentioned in 23.69% of songs while Head is in 22.81%. I wonder if they separated “head” the body part from “head” the action.

Touch: Subjective pleasure from touching or being touched by another person.

Image via Dolores Labs

Viégas and Wattenberg created both a heat index as well as the “atlas of excitement” seen at the top of the page. The data represented is the same for both and I love that they created two types of interactive visualizations for touching and being touched. Personally, I prefer the mosaic aesthetic of “Sorting Out Desire.”

Look: Nipple/breast appearance diversity among males and females.

Forget Eyes. Nipples are the New Windows to the Soul.

Though the data in Look is minimal compared to the roughly 33,000 responses in Touch or 1,000 songs analyzed in Listen, body diversity representation excites the shit out of me. A frustrating point for sex educators is teaching people their genitals or other body parts are OK. Yes, they are different from the surgically modified parts in porn but the beauty is in how different we all are.

Go check out Fleshmap for yourself (slightly NSFW) and marvel in the beauty of slick visual representations. Seeing this project makes me resent academia for its stuffy and often misleading studies about sexuality. Your G-Spot? Gone with the publication of one (flawed) study!

Fernanda Viégas and Mark Wattenberg: I’m busting an intellectual nut. You made my week.

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