Sex Documentaries

Too much stress is bad for the immune system and I am definitely under the weather organizing the upcoming San Francisco Sex Information fundraising event: Burnlesque! (Jan 16th, I strongly recommend presales)

I’ve been sitting on the couch watching some pretty good documentaries about sexuality and gender. I strongly suggest watching both of these:

Born into Brothels

Excellent film following the lives of several children in Calcutta’s Red Light District and how they see the world through photography. Kochi, one of the young girls, sums it up best:

“I keep thinking if I could go someplace else and get education… I wonder what I could become.”

Guys and Dolls

No, not the musical. Nothing like the musical. Strange, somewhat heartbreaking and more than a little mystifying, we plunge into the world of men in love with Real Dolls, a 100-pound customizable sex doll. These are not just toys for many men; these dolls are  lovers, sweeties and girlfriends. Fascinating film that explores loneliness, isolation, the need for simplicity and aspects of the idealized female sexual role.

One thought on “Sex Documentaries”

  1. I tend to be VERY open minded when it comes to sex lifestyle choices, but I went ahead and ripped apart Guys & Dolls, read my review here:

    A friend of mine befriended the Davecat guy and visited him one weekend – SERIOUSLY!!! I think she did it because I wrote such a mean review and she thought he was misunderstood and wanted to prove me wrong. I have no idea what she was expecting, but she ended up having a seriously disturbing awkward time. From what I recall he put the moves on her, explaining that his doll gf was in the other room and wouldn’t know.

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