Sex and Aging

Old people don’t have sex, right? Wrong, wrong, wrong. The topic of sex and aging isn’t my area of expertise but I am interested in the ways we privilege and punish certain age ranges for their sexuality. I write often about issues facing teens, especially females, but aging and sex was never my focus.

Part of the reason is that we ignore and silence the topic of sex and aging. We pair sexuality with youth and shudder at the thought of anyone older than us having sex. But we conveniently forget the fact that we are getting older. Every. Single. Day.

So what happens when you’re 70 years old living in a nursing home and want some sexytime? Not going to be easy. Professionals in the medical field are trying to lift this taboo and give seniors their rights back, but it’s hard to do in a culture so squeamish about old people getting freaky.

You think you’re not biased? Watch this Science World ad then tell me how you feel.

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