10 Questions: Tenga Egg

I heart Q&As. They’re somewhat irreverent yet the limited format is usually illuminating. Today we revisit the much-discussed Tenga Egg through 10 Questions!

Something is wrong with your egg poacher.

1. How much was it?

It was a gift, but it was $8.50 each. I think there was a small discount for buying the whole carton.

2.Present from you or for you?

For me.

3. Describe the appearance. Pick 3 adjectives and none can be “egg”.

They came in a clear egg carton containing 6 matte white oversize eggs. Each labeled with a different texture. Personally I think they kinda appear modern or maybe even a little sci-fi looking. Think THX1138 or that Bjork video with the robots and the milk. They don’t particularly look like sex toys, but do kinda look like toys; a prize out of the adult gum ball machine maybe.

3 adjectives: contemporary, unassuming, kawaii

4. What was your first thought after removing the packaging?

Mochi, it looks like a big egg shaped mochi.

5. Describe the feel. On your ween. Pick 3 adjectives and none can be “egg”.

I will have to say, the 2 I’ve played with so far were vastly different. One felt like a well lubricated hand job, the other one kinda made me twitch with the strange sensation. It titillated from all sides. The material is really stretchy and requires little effort to pull over your erection. Both were rather enveloping, a feeling that’s better when its had a chance to warm up in my opinion.

3 adjectives: elastic, tickling, swallowing

6. Initial thought once your penis made friends with the egg?

I’ve played with toys but usually her toys, and on her. At first it was a little strange, but I quickly grew pretty excited by the sensation. The more textured egg was intense, rather unique feeling and did make me twitch a little. I was a little surprised at the other, it wasn’t nearly as intense though still nice and slippery. The supplied lube seemed to be a good match for the material. Perhaps I should have tried another technique, spun it more or something.

7. You’re stranded on a desert island and in your isolated insanity the Tenga Egg becomes your only friend. What’s your friend’s name? Do not pick Wilson.

Wendy, sorry can’t tell you why.

8. If someone is really broke, how many uses would you recommend before trashing?

Ya know I think this really depends on how hard you beat your meat. It looked a little deformed after I had my way with it. I don’t think I would try and reuse it myself. But if I had to then 2 if you were real gentle. I think 3 would be pushing it but what do you have to lose if it’s still in one piece.

9. Would you buy it again?

The more textured one an astounding yes, the less textured one I wouldn’t be nearly as excitable about but still would consider it. If nothing else it makes clean up really easy and still feels pretty good. Having said that I’m not sure how I feel about anything single use.

10. What about buying it as a present for a friend? Joke gift or intervention?

Probably a little of both. I mean look at them, they’re kinda funny.

A big thanks to my friend for answering my weird questions. Have a sex toy you want subjected to 10 Questions? Let me know.

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