Sex Toy Design: Aloe

In the luxury sex toy market design reigns supreme, second only to durability. a friend sent me a link to an interesting new sex toy design done by Discoh, a Spanish design company.

The toy is inspired by the aloe vera plant and uses its-not-a-sex-toy style packaging. Once out of the packaging, however, the toy appears a tad more prurient.

See? The aloe has a glans. Following their design inspiration, would we then call the tip the glans plantus?

Sex toy design is fascinating, especially the toys that emerge on the luxury market. I find some designs uninspired, like the Jimmy Jane line, while others such as Lelo or the Eroscillator are pushing the envelope for design and function.

2 thoughts on “Sex Toy Design: Aloe”

  1. Great blog! I have to say the jimmyjane Form 2 is a design I haven’t seen anywhere else around, and seems to work -very- well. Might not be art-inspired, but it’s cute and very functional.

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