Tenga Egg: Sex Toy for Men

My friend sent me a link to one of the freshest male masturbation toys I’ve seen in awhile. Behold, the Tenga Egg:

Is it for breakfast? No! Its for your penis!
Is it for breakfast? No! It's for your penis!

Masturbations sleeves are not new by any stretch (pardon my pun) of the imagination. The most popular toy so far has been the Fleshlight, known for its unique houseing.

What sex toy? This is just a gigantic flashlight!
"What sex toy? This is just a gigantic flashlight!"

However, after working at a sex toy store for awhile, I have always recommended Vibratex’s Sidekick. At $12 versus $80, the Sidekick wins for affordability, ease of cleanup, and range of size accommodation.

Ribs: its whats for wanktime.
Ribs: it's what's for wanktime.

But now we have the Tenga. I am admittedly intrigued by this goofy looking sex toy. How does it feel? It is sticky? Is the included lube packet crappy? My friend is going to order this and I have offered to split the cost so that he’ll answer whatever wacky Q&A I come up with. I feel excitement for his manhood…

Only the Japanese could come up with this level of adorable in the sex toy market. I mean, have you seen their condoms?

3 thoughts on “Tenga Egg: Sex Toy for Men”

  1. I laughed SO HARD! OMG, that’s funny…

    *ps. enjoying the writing style. you manage some nice turns of phrase. keep up the good work. ((HUGS))

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