Sex Work and Class in a Rough Economy

I caught up with an old friend last night and she confided in me her desire to start working as a dominatrix. Pro-dommes (professional dominatrices) I’ve spoken with before have told me how competitive the industry is right now: as times get rough more and more middle-class women enter into sectors sex work that ostensibly prohibit any blow jobs, hands jobs, or other traditional sexual activities. Don’t believe me? Go check out your local strip joint and see how many women there have a B.A.

Considering potential heavy competition, her inexperience and need for cash I suggested housework.

“Oh. NO. No, no, I couldn’t do that.”

This is a pretty common reaction from white-middle class women. I pointed this out to her and she just laughed.

“Yeah, I guess so. Still, I have to clean all the time already. I don’t want to do that for work and only make $15 an hour.”

I had a housecleaner once. I paid $25 an hour just to sweep and mop my place. There’s good money to be had in doing people’s dirty work.

As I drove home that night I wondered how she would feel if a client asked her to dress up like a French Maid and dust his balls. Does that bear too strong a resemblance to cleaning? Or is it just dirty enough to be middle-class?

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