HPV Vaccine: Not Just for Women

Everyone should get the HPV vaccine, and I laid this out in an email sent to my professor in response to a website he sent out to address questions about HPV.

Dr. [So and So],

On one of the pages in the “HPV in Men” overview, the authors state that “[a]lthough there is an HPV vaccine for women, there is no vaccine for men.” (MedTV)

This is not entirely true. The only reason that they state this is because the FDA has only approved the vaccine for women between a certain age range. Anyone can obtain the vaccine “off-label” if they are not a female between 16-25 years of age. I suggest that students talk to their health care providers about obtaining the vaccine regardless of their age and gender. Application of the vaccine is at a doctor’s discretion and I have several male friends who have obtained the vaccine by simply asking and laying out a good argument.

Vaccines do not practice gender discrimination and neither should the health care system.


I have even spoken to women who think that they cannot obtain the vaccine because they are out of the recommended age range. BULLSHIT. Go tell, nay, demand that your doctor to give it to you off-label. If they refuse, get another doctor.

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