Better Sex with Condoms

The most common complaint whispered to me at parties (especially by guys) is that condoms suck. They feel weird, they decrease sensation, they smell/taste funny. I love how none of them want to fix the problem, only bitch to me. Guess what: you can make sex with condoms feel better.

The only thing you can do about the smell/taste is to shop around and find a flavored condom that doesn’t smell/taste worse than a regular condom (I recommend Kiss of Mint). If you like your regular brand but still want to fix the flavor, I’m a fan of Wet Naturals Strawberry lube. If you hate the taste of diet sodas then you might want to skip this one.

Now to the Biggest Complaint: sensation. Yes, a condom is a sheath that goes on a penis, a barrier that prevents skin to skin contact. OF COURSE IT FEELS WEIRD. But there are steps that you can take to enhance sensation.

1) Buy a thinner condom. Japan makes the thinnest condoms and the US makes some of the thickest. No, Japanese condoms are not smaller. Want something big and thin? Kimono Maxx. Kimono anything is pretty awesome in general for durable thinness.

2) Buy a condom that fits. If you were to buy shoes in the wrong size, walking would be uncomfortable, no? Measure your junk, purchase accordingly*. I recommend Condomania for discreet condom shopping.

3) LUBE. LUBE. LUBE. I could write that over and over and over and over. And over. Lube makes all the difference in the world. Before unrolling and putting on your jimmyhat, place a few drops of lube into the reservoir tip. Why does this matter? Try it and find out. Be sure to purchase a glycerin-free water-based or silicone lube. Make your penis happy! And to all the condom companies out there: TELL PEOPLE TO USE LUBE. IT SHOULD COME ON THE INSTRUCTIONS.

While these helpful steps will not make protected sex feel just like unprotected sex, not only will it feel way better, you will be protected from STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Technology is awesome.

*This is why I contend that the responsibility of condom buying should fall on the penis-holder’s shoulders. Which is why someone should make this PSA for men instead of women. Thanks for crappy condoms and bad public messages Trojan.

8 thoughts on “Better Sex with Condoms”

  1. Thought I’d comment here since I just realized this is your actual blog- did you write this or are you just sharing information?

    My thoughts: I was a religious condom user at first, and things were fine. The problem was the first time I *didn’t* use one- it was enough more of an experience that I haven’t really used any since. My main issue is experience, and smell/taste. The smell of latex is for me incredibly unpleasant and covering it with candy flavors doesn’t help, as I’m then not able to enjoy the natural scents. Hilariously, polyurethane solves these problems but creates others: it doesn’t stretch- so it’s either coming off or it’s choking you out- and even if you measure accurately and order accordingly it’s not that simple either- erection being a function of hydraulic pressure in a flexible system, even the slightest difference is pressure/leakage results in differing size. And the polyurethane ones don’t come in enough sizes at all. I think the last time I used condoms, I went through about 5 of them (polyurethane) because through varying activities they would either get lost in-between, or they would not fit. Combined with the fact that things like HSV and HPV being spread easily around the actual condom coverage area, I’m just not a fan.

  2. Thanks for the cogent thoughts Benjy. You wrote that, “Japan makes the thinnest condoms and the US makes some of the thickest. No, Japanese condoms are not smaller.” Actually this isn’t clear. Japan, due to decades of only having condoms available for birth control, produces the highest quality condoms in the world. They have much more R&D devoted to condom manufacture and generally use a higher quality latex. That being said they also manufacture condoms in both thinner materials than are legal to use in the United States and in smaller sizes than you can generally find in the United States. Conversely most condoms in the world are produced in Southeast Asia, whether for American labels such as LifeStyles or Trojan, and are not any thicker or thinner than any other condom, except by design. Generally a condom sold as extra strength or with lots of ribs, dots, or other textures uses a thicker latex.

    Scosol it is generally the case that the higher quality of latex used and the better the process for manufacture the milder the latex smell can be. If you buy down market condoms from China they will stink up a room. High end condoms from Japan will likely be so mild they wouldn’t bother you at all. That being said you do have the choice of using a non-latex variety. It sounds as though you have used either a Trojan Supra non-latex condom or a Durex Avanti. Those are both polyurethane. You should be aware though that the Durex Avanti made of polyurethane is no more. Durex has replaced that condom with one made of polyisoprene. This material is based described as a synthetic latex and lacks the bad smell while retaining much more of the stretch to which you expect from a condom. However size really is one of the most important things with condoms. If you don’t fit a non-latex condom you need to find one that fits you in latex.

    I am not sure if a link is appropriate on Benjy’s blog but the condom is called Durex Avanti Bare and you can find it here:

  3. For some reason, comments on WordPress are shooting into the unknown corners of cyberspace.

    Here’s a comment from Clarisse Thorn:

    “Great post! I think it’s always important to note that flavored lubes aren’t recommended for penis-in-vagina sex though, because they increase the likelihood of yeasty beasties. So be sure there’s no flavored lube involved if your sex play moves to vaginal play ….”

    Here’s where you can find her in the interwebs:

    Personal blog:
    Time Out Chicago:

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