Male Birth Control

Birth control responsibility tends to fall on women but there is a testosterone-based contraception shot for men in the works. Out of 1,000 men in the study receiving the shots, only 1 percent fathered a child in a two year period. Pretty good batting average.

Personally, I am wary of hormonal birth control. The pill, though an important factor in women’s liberation, directly caused deaths and other major health issues when first introduced. While I’m sure that pharmaceutical companies have learned from that lesson I still feel wary. Injecting/ingesting chemicals of any type into your body on a consistent basis will have side effects, often negative.

On the other hand, I am curious to see how this will change the sexual landscape. How many men will take advantage of this? Considering that men often avoid preventative health care I’m going with “not many”.

I could be wrong. However, I’m willing to bet that in a generation or two men will take better care of themselves and feel comfortable going into a doctor’s office or clinic to obtain hormonal birth control.

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