Sex as Fitness: Stripper Classes

At a wedding this weekend I overheard a couple of men discussing stripper fitness classes.

Guy: “Women are pole dancing at gyms! I mean, I guess it’s great that they want to be in shape for their men but guys don’t even get to watch. I hope they’re going home and showing off their new moves or else these places should charge guys an admission fee to watch the class.”

Me (shouting across a small room): “That’s not why they’re doing it.”

Guy: “What?”

Me: “Women aren’t really interested in the fitness thing. It’s an excuse and an add-on bonus. They just want a safe space to act sexy. They can do it as long as it is supposedly to keep physically fit and therefore publicly presentable.”

Guy: “Whatever. Women can act as sexy as they want all the time.”

Me: “If they don’t mind being called a slut. Think about who takes the classes: average women in the general public. Going and stripping for money or for pure pleasure will probably be seen as slutty.”

Check out this article from MSNBC. The following quote sums up my assertion about fitness being a cover for expressing sexuality:

“It counts as exercise because it leaves you extremely winded…”

It counts! It totally counts! It’s not slutty because we’re EXERCISING.

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