Pill Poppin’ Sex

When the pill first came out in 1960 it was officially prescribed as a medication to treat menstrual disorders. Women all over America developed menstrual conditions overnight: most people knew the hidden use.

The cultural shift was enormous. Women started entering into higher up professional careers in droves because they had control over their reproductive cycle. Women felt liberated from the monumental burden of pregnancy. The pill was lauded as the key to women’s complete liberation.

But there is no such thing as a miracle pill and overzealousness always leads to disaster. Early birth control pills contained massive amounts of estrogen that were directly related to blood clots, heart attack and stroke. Almost a decade passed before any doctors took women’s complaints seriously.

Oral contraceptives then had about 20 times the amount of estrogen as today’s pills so the health risks are greatly decreased. However, for some women (heavy smokers over 35) there is still a risk of blood clots and even for healthy women there can be crazy mood swings. Also, they can impede muscle growth in young females. I have a sneaking suspicion that this can lead to weight gain as greater muscle mass means more effective energy conversion and fat loss. I could be wrong though.

As another side note, all the hormones contained in the pill actually alter a (straight) woman’s attraction set. You can imagine what this does to a committed relationship that began POC (pre-oral contraceptive).

I question our culture’s blind love with hormonal birth control methods. Currently they’re some of the most effective and convenient forms out there but hormonal methods…well, they’re a bunch of hormones ingested every single day and to trick the body into thinking it’s pregnant. Fun. While some women may enjoy the feeling of pregnancy every day I bet the majority do not.

I really want the male oral contraceptive to be released soon as long as they actually conduct the appropriate clinical trial studies. We don’t need a repeat of the medical ethics mess of the Enovid Puerto Rico trials.

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